23. LUTFEST Sarajevo

The Pinocchio Puppet Theater opened the 23rd LUTFEST with its participation in the play The Fairy Tale of the Enchanted Beauty.
We are proud because we were awarded the "Zlatna anima - Radoslav Lazić" plaque for the contribution, development and affirmation of puppetry art and the tradition of puppetry that lasts half a century with the occasion of the 50th anniversary celebration.
"Zlatna anima - Radoslav Lazić" is a sculpture, the work of academic sculptor Dragan Radenović from Belgrade.

LUTFEST Awards for Animation and Acting:
Đorđe Kadijevič for the role of the Little Son in the play The Tale of the Enchanted Beauty

The prize for the most clever puppet play "Kamena ruka - Henrik Jurkovski" is awarded to the play The Tale of the Enchanted Beauty, Pinocchio Puppet Theatre, Belgrade.

Reasoning: The system of puppets used in the play completely enriched the dramaturgy, and the acting contributed to the complexity of this play.