Collection of children's songs T. S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" transformed into a musical, tells about one special night of the year, when cats from the "Jelikl" tribe gathering in a garbage dump. One by one, they tell stories to their wise leader, who must decide which cat will go to Cat's Paradise. There are 19 songs in the musical: A cat's meow is a real ghost; Tell me, tell me, what should I call you ?; Invitation to the cat ball; Dot-cat; Pull-pull; Greyhair; A poem about Mr. Perry; Tom the cat and Jerry the muscle; Old wiseguy; A terrible fight of cats; Cat Ball; Memory (announcement); Theater Cat Gasha; Puss in Boots; Night Cat; Invisible or Hidden Paw; Wizard; Memories; Cat's word.