Author: Vida Davidović

Director: Vladan Đurković

Cast: Dragana Vasić; Nela Nikolić; Ljiljana Živić; Jovan Popović


New Year's show. Marko and Kaća are playing at Kaća’s house. Marko is her best friend from the neighborhood. Marko's mother comes and tells him that he has to go home quickly, because it will be lunch soon. Marko says that he will come soon, but after Santa Claus comes. Mom says that Santa wouldn’t hang out with them and play, because they are just kids. She lest them play for another fifteen minutes. Marko and Kaća calling for  Santa Claus and finally he came. They ask him to play with them. He agrees. Mark's mom is coms to ask Santa if he want to have coffee with her, because the kids must have tired him out already. He answers that the children called him and that he stays with them. He invites her to play together and told her how she must have forgotten to play and how children are wonderful company. They all play together and sing a song about how nice it is to be a child, and adults forgot that.

 2+ y.

 30 '