Author: Based on the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm

Director: Isidora Goncić

Dramatization: Đorđe Kosić; Total design: Zorana Milošaković-Tasić; Stage movement: Mirko Knežević; Composer: Nemanja Mihajlović

Cast: Hansel: Lako Nikolić; Gretel: Dragana Vasić; Fire: Biljana Mihajlović; Night: Anita Stojadinović; Witch: Nela Nikolić; Goose: Jovan Popović; Mather: Aleksandra Ristić; Father: Ljubomir Ristić


Hansel and Gretel are not alone. Not even when they are lost in the enchanted forest, nor when they are imprisoned, deceived, enchanted and confused. They always have each other and the whole world underneath the feet. A world that will win. A world in which, after a long and difficult night and darkness, they will see the light. By reading and watching fairy tales we grow. We are opening our eyes, facing the terrible, the most terrible things and events, but also we are facing the most beautiful things. We are discovering the world in all its cruelty, horror, but also in all its greatness and beauty. Facing all obstacles and difficulties, they try, learn and manage to overcome them, no matter how terrible and impossible they may be. And we are growing and learning with them. We believe . And we succeed too. Because, together with all the characters in fairy tales, we are living happily ever after.

Isidora Goncić

 3+ y.

 45 '