Author: Aleksei Tolstoy - Еva Borisova

Director: Živomir Joković

Translation and adaptation: Živomir Joković
Composer: Vladimir Pejković
Scenography and puppets: Živomir Joković
Costumes: Erika Janović

Cast: Zorana Milošaković, Borko Sarić, Zoran Todorović, Goran Popović, Dragana Vasić


Eva Borisova wrote a text based on the Russian story "Golden Key" by Alexei Tolstoy, and Zivomir Joković translated and adapted it for the play "Pinocchio". It is a well-known story about an uncle Karl, who dedicated his entire life to his puppet theater. At the request of the king, he hands over his puppets to the Royal Theater and remains sad and alone. He makes a new doll out of wood and gives it the name Pinocchio. The naughty Pinocchio leaves the house and gets into trouble.

 4-10 y.

 60 '