Premiere of the play "Fairy Tale of Enchanted Beauty"

The premiere performance of the play is scheduled for April 1, 2022. years as part of the celebration of "Half a Century in the Game"

This charming "Fairy tale about an enchanted beauty", it is a stage adaptation of a folk tale, whose title is in the original "Lamata Černodreha". The folk tale talks about an enchanted girl from the Rose Forest. The adaptation of "Fairy Tale of Enchanted Beauty" has a dynamic intrigue, unique characters, and interesting dialogues, which are suitable for a great stage performance.

The story is intended for children of preschool and primary school age. The message that is hidden in it is very important! This fairy tale can help young viewers to connect with the values ​​that are hidden deep within this story and the problems that await them in the future. All that is very important today, when life is developing very dynamically.

The play stars Goran Popovic, Zeljka Mandic, Borko Saric, Lako Nikolic, Zorana Milosakovic-Tasic, Jovan Popovic, Nela Nikolic, Ljiljana Zivic, Biljana Mihajlovic, Dragana Vasic, Nikola Mijatovic and Djordje Kadijevic