We are meeting every weekend at the Pinocchio!

Our little ones will be able to see again the most beautiful fairy tales in the world with puppet performances every weekend at the Pinocchio Puppet Theater in New Belgrade.

As the only puppet theater in Belgrade, after a long break caused by the corona virus pandemic, we are starting to perform plays for children. In the coming period, a lot of surprises and new shows are coming, and you can follow all on our Social network profiles on Instagram and Facebook. Below you can see what protection measures we have taken to make our audience completely safe.

Following the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Crisis Staff, as well as the decisions by the Ministry of Culture and Information, the sitting schedule in the hall of the Pinocchio Puppet Theater was corrected. The new seating plan allows visitors to sit with two empty seats between the seats, with maintaining the required distance of at least two meters. When issuing tickets at the box office of the Theater, visitors will be informed about the measures taken and further directed to their seats by hired switchboards. All visitors are required to wear protective masks and keep the prescribed distance during their stay at the Theater. By applying corrections in the hall, the initial number of seats has been reduced to 100.

The theater will publish its regular weekend repertoire every Monday, instead of at the beginning of the month, which was the case before the pandemic. Tickets can be purchased online on the theater's website and at the box office, an hour and a half before the show.

For all additional information you can contact us on phone numbers, via email and social networks.


We look forward to meet you again.