Author: Cvete Janeva

Director: Cvete Janeva

Translation: Branislav Kravljanac
Puppets, scenography and costumes: Стефанка Атанаскова
Music editor: Elena Metodieva
Music associate: Radoslav Graić

Cast: Nela Nikolić, Željka Mandić, Milan Simić, Goran Popović


A girl and a boy, following the rhythm of the music, are pulling a huge box with a fairy tale inside. Through their constant conflict, a fairy tale is creating, and the scenography is changing in front of the children. The participation of children on the stage and their acting make the play completely unpredictable. The main hero of the fairy tale is a Cricket, who most of all wants to become a knight and save those in trouble with his bow-sword, trying to show that he is more than an ordinary cricket who can only play a music. But, despite all attempts, his sword remains only a bow. Yet when his music wins invincibly, he accepts his nature.

 2-7 y.

 40 '