Author: Aleksandar Novaković

Director: Nikola Zavišić

Scenography and design of puppets: Ivana Vasić

Selection of music: Nikola Zavišić

Making of puppets: Stevka Kiuvlieva 

Making of scenography: The master Zoki

Cast: Jovan Popović, Đorđe Kreća, Zorana Milošaković Tasić, Goran Popović



A puppet show full of special effects and interesting twists. An unusual version of a well-known story about a troublemaker from Baghdad, Aladdin and the caliph's daughter Jasmin, whose love is being interrupted by the evil wizard Isnogod, who is borrowed for this occasion from another fairy tale. Made in the style of Japanese manga cartoons, the puppets take us to an unexpected world of "a thousand and one nights". Love and persistence can defeat even the strongest evil forces, if one believe in it from the depths of the soul. Of course, with a little help from red Dušica and green Dušan, ghosts from a magic lamp, as well as a magic scarf and a "magic carpet".

 2-9 y.

 45 '