Author: Danica Nikolić

Director: Olja Đorđević

Scene and costumes: Milica Grbić Komazec

Music: Irena Popović

Coreography: Maša Lukić

Cast: Brankica Sebastijanović, Đorđe Kreća, Zorana Milošaković- Tasić, Goran Popović, Lako Nikolić, Željka Mandić, Jovan Popović


The theme of this fairy tale is a love story, a triangle, between Baroness Noodlena, Sir Limburger and Prince de Mayonnaise, which is bothered by their insurmountable differences because they belong to different cultures. Set archetypically, this story suggests a common plot, making it receptive to children. Emphasizing the different, the goal is to reconcile the three extremes, which is the educational character of this story. Love that triumphs and wins over diversity and conflict, becomes a basic moral standard that children should adopt in childhood. The play is written in verse, and besides reconciliation and the acceptance of diversity, faith in love and tolerance, it will encourage children to cultivate the beauty and diversity of language. There are also several songs in the piece, which children are unusually happy about, and the neo-renaissance costume will (hopefully) raise children's awareness, in this era of distaste, about different aesthetic criteria. Danica Nikolić Nikolić


 5+ y.

 50 '