Author: Igor Bojović

Director: Milan Karadžić

Composer: Nikola Čuturilo

Costumes and scenography: Jelisaveta Tatić Čuturilo

Stage movement: Ferid Krajica



Cast: Baš Čelik - Goran Popović, Nebojša - Đorđe Kreća, Jefimija - Mina Nenadović, Elder Simuilo - Lako Nikolić, Emperor - Jovan Popović, Fire - Zorana Milošaković - Tasić, Div1 - Đorđe Kadijević, Div2, Flock of sheep - Nikola Mijatović, Villas: Dragana Vasić, Biljana Mihajlović, Ljiljana Živić and Nela Nikolić



Modern rock fairy tale based on motifs from Serbian heritage and old Serbian folk fairy tales "Bash Celik", "Miraculous Sword" and others. In the play, the good is sharply divided from evil, sincerity from lies, and through the motif of an iron man, the belief in the power of will is emphasized. In that way, not only ethical values ​​are preserved, but it is pointed out that a person must constantly face obstacles with pure love, knowledge, courage, strength of will and persistence, because that is the only way to overcome them all. The witty and dynamic show, with rock music, imaginative and rich costumes and masks, is extremely likable and leads children to interact.It is Milan Karadzic's first direction at the Pinocchio Puppet Theater.

 7-14 y.

 70 '