Author: Slavča Malenova

Director: Slavča Malenova

Scenograph - Vasil Rokomanov Puppet and costume design - Silva Balčarov Composer - Vladimir Jambazov Sound technician: Sasa Tomasović Lighting technician: Miroslav Đumić Décor: Uroš Danilović Props: Mihailo Barić Wardrobes: Aleksandra Milošević Superintendent: Nenad Filipović

Cast: Goran Popovic - King Zeljka Mandic - Queen Borko Saric- Eldest Son Nikola Mijatović - Middle Son Djordje Kadijevic - Little son Lako Nikolic - Horse Vihor Zorana Milošaković Tasić - Reaper Jovan Popovic - Old Fish Nela Nikolic - Waiter Ljiljana Živić - Middle Sister Biljana Mihajlović - Big sister Dragana Vasic - Mother


Dear children, I found this magical fairy tale in a old booklet. I liked the story very, very much and I immediately wanted to show and tell it with the help of our dolls. This tale is about love - the most important feelings in human life. It is king, the queen and their three sons - Princes Of course, there are three beautiful girls, living in the rose forest, but they cannot marry because one of them - the Blessing Beauty is enchanted by the evil wizard and as soon as she looked at some any man, she turns into a tree. Thus they live, with their unhappiness and only the love of the youngest prince could undo her curse, as well as to release his two brothers, which were turned into trees. Each story, as it should, ends happily, and how our fairy tale will end, you will find out in the play! Enjoy! Slavčo Malenov, director

 4+ y.

 60 '