Author: A play based on an old german legend about the Lorelei

Director: Todor Valov

Design of puppets, scenography and costumes: Natalija Gočeva

Composer: Plamen Mirčev- Mirona

Lector: Dijana Marojević- Diklić

Cast: Jovan Popović, Goran Popović, Zoran Todorović, Nela Nikolić, Ljiljana Živić, Ivana Todorović


The beautiful girl Lorelei lives in a modest fishing village on the banks of the river Rhine. Everyone is in love with her and everyone is enchanted by her beautiful voice and her song. One day, she meets a young count and finds true love. The young count does not keept his promise and oath of love to Lorelei because of his mother, the old countess. When she learns that the young count is faithful to the young duchess, the unhappy and desperate  Lorelei tries to jump into the river, but the God of the Rhine, using her despair, attracts her to his side and turns her into a river mermaid. The evil God of the Rhine wants for human race to suffer. Lorelai lures boatmen, sailors and mermaid merchants to death with his enchanting songs. But ... when she sees the boat of her father and the beloved young count approaching the dangerous rock, Lorelai feels mercy again and asks God of the Rhine to save their lives. The angry God turns two lovers into seagulls, whose souls stay together forever. The power of love of two lovers destroys the evil God of the Rhine, and their sparks of love, as the legend says, still live there on the rock.

The director's words: "The play shows that when lies, meanness and greed come to life in a person or in society, it always brings torment and killing of happiness and joy in life. But when love overcomes all ... it becomes and remains eternity. "

Todor Valov

 5+ y.

 45 '