Author: Živomir Joković (based on the fairy tale byCharles Perrault)

Director: Živomir Joković

Scenography and puppets: Svila Veličkova

Music: Radoslav Graić

Director assistant: Željka Mandić

Cast: Goran Popović, Zorana Milošaković Tasić, Željka Mandić


A fairy tale is about Princess Rose, cursed by the witch that she will stab herself on the spindle on her 16th birthday and die. On that day, Rose falls into a hundred-year sleep. Reversal in a story comes with the arrival of a prince, whose sincere love and kiss awakens the princess. The whole kingdom wakes up and joy reigns in the court again. A number of puppets animate the two actors. The puppets, as well as the music that has a renaissance tone, faithfully paint the splendor of court life. The scenography is created and changed on one table, in front of the audience. The bells also have a significant role. The actors mark the beginning and the end of the fairy tale, as well as the reversals and changes during the action. The play won the award for best female role at the International Puppet Festival of Small Forms in Kragujevac, with great success participated in the International Festival Ave Ninki in Trieste (Italy) and the International Festival in Uzhhorod (Ukraine). Also, the Theater was a guest in Sweden with this play and performed in Stockholm, Malmö, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Jönköping, etc.

 2-8 y.

 40 '