Author: Ivana Koraksić

Director: Ivana Koraksić

Design and production of scenography and puppets: Zorana Milošaković-Tasić; Music: Igor Andrić; Costume design: Ivana Koraksić; Costume design: Vesna Balać; Scenography and puppet production assistant: Marija Pokrajac

Cast: Misha - Vojislav Šantić; Bole - Renato Ivić; Jasenko, River - Ivana Todorović; Shumko, Snail - Jovan Popović; Korenko, Tree - Dragana Vasić;


Ivana Koraksić is an author who nurtures an eclectic approach to theater in which the circus, puppetry, movement and drama theater are together.
trange Forest is a puppet-juggling show, with a strong stamp of visual theater. The theme is the relationship with nature.
Misha and Bole are two naughty boys. They get carried away by the game and get lost in the woods, and get a little hungry. They eat snacks and throw papers in the woods. Forest dwarfs Shumko, Korenko and Jasenko do not like when someone are throwing garbage in the forest, so they get angry and do not let the boys out of the forest. The dwarves give the boys various tasks that they have to solve, in order to let them to return home. We will see if they will return the same or they will think differently about nature.

 3+ y.

 45 '