Author: Nebojša Jovanović

Director: Nebojša Jovanović

Design and making of puppets: Iva Hadžieva

Design of scene: Dragana Erčević i Nebojša Jovanović

Making of costumes: Vesna Balać

Music choice: Nebojša Jovanović

Assistant director: Dragana Vasić

Cast: Dragana Vasić, Željka Mandić


A puppet show, author's project by Nebojsa Jovanovic, takes children on a musical-folklore journey through 14 countries on 4 continents: Europe, Asia, America and Africa. In the form closest to the musical, through cheerful notes and recognizable melodies, 36 puppets go through different cultures and civilizations, wishing to bring it closer to the youngest audience in a specific way of animation with music and play. With this play in 2011, the theater participated in: XXIV International Theater Festival Valise in Lomza (Poland), at the International Festival Theater Wave in Petrovac (Montenegro), guest at the Gulliver Puppet Theater in Warsaw (Poland), in 2012 in Paris , and in 2016 in Moscow.

 3-8 y.

 35 '