Author: Based on a book by Lewis Carroll

Director: Ivana Koraksić

Dramatisation and song lyrics: Maja Pelević

Total design: Filip Jevtić

Music: Irena Popović

Acrobatics instructors: Sanja Radulović and Hristina Šormaz

Assistant director: Dragiša Kosara

Cast: Maša Đorđević, Jovan Popović, Ivana Todorović, Željka Mandić, Nela Nikolić, Ljiljana Živić, Borko Sarić, Ljubomir Ristić


Once, there was a girl named Alice. And then she fells. Down the rabbit hole. And we fell with her. In a strange world of illogicality and imagination. Using a visual theater, we were searching for a way through this world, in which live: A Busy Rabbit, A Caterpillar Lady , A Crazy Hatter, A Queen of hearts, cards, a mouse, and swiming birds . With collective play and ideas, we found a way out and a string to the child's heart. Little girl Alice teaches us one of the most important life lessons: never to forget the child in us!

Ivana Koraksić, director

 4+ y.

 50 '