Author: Ljubivoje Ršumović

Director: Isidora Goncić

Text adaptation: Isidora Goncić
Set, costume and puppet designer: Sandra Nikač
Music author: Nemanja Mihajlović
Stage movement and choreography: Mirko Knežević.
Assistant costume designer and doll creator: Milica Kačar
Making dolls: Darko Ivanović, Nataša Čakić Simić, Vesna Balać
Creation of scenography: Aleksandar Spasić
Costume design: Slađana Guslov, Vesna Balać

Cast: Snow White-Brankica Sebastijanović, Prince, Hunter, Big Flower - Nikola Ranđelović, Grdana - Anita Branković, Dwarfs - Lako Nikolić, Mirror - Đorđe Kreća, Grdana's assistant, Flowers - Ivana Todorović


"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is a classic fairy tale about love, sincere friendship and jealousy. The main character is the beautiful Snow White who lost her mother as a child. Her father married a beautiful but evil woman, Queen Grdana, who was jealous of Snow White. Evil Grdana had a magic mirror that told her every day that she was the most beautiful in the world, but one day she didn't get the answer she expected.

Grdana could not bear that there was someone more beautiful than her, so she ordered the hunter to take Snow White deep into the forest and kill her, but he could not do it. Wandering through the forest, Snow White finds a hiding place with new friends, dwarves and flowers, but her happiness does not last long, because Grdana's revenge is constantly on her heels. Snow White is rescued by her prince and in the end good triumphs over evil.



 5+ y.

 55 '